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Welcome to my blog, where I share highlights of everything from my client's wedding days and portrait sessions, to recent features and our adventures around the world. 

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Bridal Business: TL;DR

Mar 26, 2019

Brides and grooms, I have a confession to make; I’ve written over 85 articles for my Bridal Business series and I think it’s finally time to come clean. As much as I love sharing content and tips that I’ve learned over the years as a Washington, DC wedding photographer, most of these posts could be addressed in 2-3 sentences.

The very simple reason they aren’t?




Yep, that’s right. See, part of running a business is focusing on your SEO and Google only likes you if you generate posts with a lot of content/words. Hence, I have to put together long articles to answer relatively short questions! So I’ve decided it’s time to highlight some of my favorite/most useful posts in a TL;DR edition of Bridal Business! Quick access links are available, so you can head over to the articles for more information if it’s a topic that interests you! 


This Washington, DC wedding photographer has published over 85 articles helping brides prepare for the big day! Here is a summary of some of the best of the best!


+ Here are my favorite Engagement Session Locations in Washington, DC
+ And, of course, my favorites Engagement Session Spots in Northern VA
+ I love helping you plan What to Wear for your Engagement Session (ALP Clients, you actually get a FULL style guide after booking but this is an abbreviated version!)
+ And ladies love the Makeup Tips if they are doing it themselves!
+ You’ll want your ring to shine, so I put together a few ways to Clean Your Bling!
+ Most of my clients are dog lovers and I am too! Make sure your Prep Your Pup before the session!


+ No matter what the season, we can Discover Beauty Year Round
+ It’s always important to know and understand my Rain Policy before your session!
+ But if it’s your big day, we always come Prepared for Wedding Day Rain
+ Having a winter wedding or session? Here are 3 Tips to Keep You Warm!


+ Knowing When To Book Your Wedding Photographer
+ What does my Backup System look like?
+ And do I carry Photography Insurance?
+ Wondering what the difference is between Copyright vs. Print Release? Don’t miss this post!
+ Why it doesn’t matter if I’ve Worked at Your Venue before
+ Getting married in Washington, DC? Be sure to Avoid THESE Weekends!
+ And don’t miss the Top 15 Wedding Venues in Washington, DC


+ Why First Looks are simply amazing!
+ How I answer when my sweet clients ask if I would like to do a Venue Tour with them!
+ Planning on monument photos!? My favorite! But be sure to read how to Prep for your Monument Portraits first! And don’t forget to read about Booking Transportation for you and your wedding party!
+ The #1 most Forgotten Detail (and how we make sure you remember yours!)
+ You may want to Invest in a Keepsake Ring Box for your details!
+ I highly recommend considering an Unplugged Wedding (or at least an unplugged ceremony!)
+ If I could only ask for ONE thing on a couples’ wedding day, it would definitely be Golden Hour Portraits!


+ Lots of buttons on your gown? Learn the Button Secret and pack this handy tool for your dress!
+ Brides, don’t forget about Dressing Your Groom!
+ Make sure you don’t have any of these Top 10 Wedding Day Regrets!
+ Why you should always have a Second First Kiss
+ Every bride wants to be beautifully bronzed, so check out my 10 Tips for the Perfect Glow
+ Planning a Wedding Day Exit? Here some unique ideas! Or love the idea of a Getaway Car?  Sharing my favorite of those as well!


+ After booking your venue and photographer, next on your list should be Hiring a Wedding Planner!
+ The one thing you should ask your florist for — a Backup Boutonniere!
+ Why you should always Incorporate Calligraphy into your day!
+ Looking to have something a little extra at your reception? Consider Furniture Rentals!
+ Understanding your different Catering Options
+ When designing your cake, you must choose either Buttercream or Fondant!
+ Deciding between a Wedding Band or DJ? Here are some points to consider!
+ Talking to your entertainment about different Reception Lighting Dos & Don’ts
+ 5 Reasons You Should Hire Professional Hair & Makeup for the big day
+ After all the planning, photographing Untouched Reception Details should be on your timeline!


+ Once your full gallery is delivered, find out How to Download Your Photos
+ If you find yourself wondering, You Can Photoshop That, Right? Read this article to know the answer!
+ Why a Wedding Album is the best investment you can make after your wedding
+ Find out more about Submitting a Wedding for Publication!
+ Before ordering prints, read up on Photo Cropping to ensure a perfect fit!
+ If you only do one thing, PLEASE Print Your Photos!
+ And check out this guide on How to Order Professional Quality Prints directly through your gallery
+ Why you may find some Black and White Images in your gallery

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