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Welcome to my blog, where I share highlights of everything from my client's wedding days and portrait sessions, to recent features and our adventures around the world. 

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Five Outdoor Wedding Mistakes

Aug 12, 2020

In my opinion, nothing beats an outdoor wedding! Who doesn’t love to be outdoors where you can breathe fresh air, enjoy the natural light, and dance the night away under the stars!? And while they are absolutely stunning from a photography standpoint, they don’t come without a few roadblocks of their own. So if you’re planning to keep the big day outdoors, just keep these five things in mind while planning!

1. Plan B
Always, always, always, have a  Plan B. Mother nature rarely works the way we want her to, so you need to be prepared for storms, a heat wave, or worse. A tent that has options sides and fans is one of the best options, in my opinion! They now even offer clear tents so you’ll still get the feel of being fully outdoors.

2. Value Your Guests
You’ve invited your guests to celebrate your big day because they are the people you love most in the whole world, right?! Well, be sure to take of them! For example, if you’re getting married outdoors in Washington, DC in August, it’s nice to have a drink station set up with ice cold water and a refreshing lemonade. Another sweet touch is leaving a fan on their chair for the ceremony.


Be sure to avoid these five mistakes when planning your outdoor wedding to ensure a stunning, fun-filled day!


3. Set Expectations
You can’t have everything on hand for your guests, so don’t be afraid to add a note on your wedding website preparing them for what’s to come! Advise them if they should bring a pair or sunglasses or a wrap so they can pack accordingly.

4. Timing
Timing for an outdoor ceremony is everything. If it’s too early, it could be very hot and the sun will be very bright. If it’s too late, the sun may already be down, making it very hard to see you say “I do”! I highly recommend visiting your ceremony venue exactly one year to the day of your wedding and making note of where the sun is at… because, the sun shifts throughout the seasons, so visiting in December won’t give you an accurate feel for where it will land during a June wedding! From a photography perspective, you’ll want to be backlit which means the sun is BEHIND you!

5. Food Selections
Your catering choices might not seem like a relevant part of the discussion when planning an outdoor wedding, but think about how the weather quickly affects food! Cake are generally made with buttercream and will melt quickly on a warm summer day. Or anything made with dairy will spoil quickly if not kept properly cooled, so be sure to discuss this with your catering staff so they can safely prepare the food for your guests!

Outdoor weddings are nothing short of stunning, but just keep these tips in mind to be fully prepared for what the day may bring!


Be sure to avoid these five mistakes when planning your outdoor wedding to ensure a stunning, fun-filled day! Be sure to avoid these five mistakes when planning your outdoor wedding to ensure a stunning, fun-filled day!

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