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Welcome to my blog, where I share highlights of everything from my client's wedding days and portrait sessions, to recent features and our adventures around the world. 

Hi, I'm Alicia.

Our House, Part 2

Jun 12, 2014

 I found decorating the upstairs of our home to be much easier than the main floor (Part 1, if you missed it). Granted it’s about half the space, but just as many different rooms! Our guest room was super simple — we had a set up that we loved in our apartment, so we just kept everything exactly the same! We knew we wanted to upgrade to a King size bed in our master, so we figured we would probably just get new furniture to go along with it.

Our master bedroom is huge — but in a bad way! It’s kind of a waste of space… there is this whole “annex” that is pointless. I mean, you could sit over there with a book and read, but we already have places downstairs to do the same thing! Anyway, I digress. We based our whole bedroom off of this AWESOME canopy bed I found on Anthropologie that I knew would be beautiful. It ended up being the biggest pain to get delivered and arrived slightly scratched, but they gave us 50% off! When you are trying to fill a house, a few scratches are easily worth saving some $$$. It took us about 6 months to save up for the rest of our furniture, so we were half living out of our guest room! It worked for us though and it finally all came together and I LOVE it! Such a peaceful, serene room. Also, wait til you see the walk-in closet…

The rest of the upstairs isn’t super exciting… We have one empty room that will probably be a child’s room in the future, but currently is Rob’s closet :) The final bedroom I turned into a craft room — it was the one spot in the house where I went all out girl — pink walls, girly pictures, etc. We still have lots of walls, etc to decorate upstairs, so I’ll be sure to post updates along the way! 

Our spare bedroom/Rob’s closet.
DC Wedding Photographer Home Tour_0003

My craft room… SUPER girly, huh? Rob’s least favorite, by far.
DC Wedding Photographer Home Tour_0001 DC Wedding Photographer Home Tour_0002


Our guest bathroom! So glad I had a place for this shower curtain, it’s super unique! Plan to lose the hollywood lighting in here and update the mirror as well.
DC Wedding Photographer Home Tour_0005

Bathroom is decorated with memories from Hawaii.
DC Wedding Photographer Home Tour_0004


Our guest room — basically an exact replica of our old apartment.
DC Wedding Photographer Home Tour_0006
DC Wedding Photographer Home Tour_0007


Our Master Bedroom | Seriously, don’t you love this bed!
DC Wedding Photographer Home Tour_0009 DC Wedding Photographer Home Tour_0008 DC Wedding Photographer Home Tour_0010

This closet is like… 95%… of the reason we chose this house ;) ha! But it is nice because I don’t even need to use a dresser, I just have everything in one spot.
DC Wedding Photographer Home Tour_0011

Our dresser and nightstands… so excited when we got these, finally felt moved in.
DC Wedding Photographer Home Tour_0012

We ripped out the mirror and hollywood lighting that was installed when we moved in. Simple, but made a huge difference in the look of the bathroom.
DC Wedding Photographer Home Tour_0013 DC Wedding Photographer Home Tour_0014

Bonus: Here is our basements! It’s a huge, finished space that we probably won’t fill for years! In the meantime I use it as a mini home gym.
DC Wedding Photographer Home Tour_0015



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