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Welcome to my blog, where I share highlights of everything from my client's wedding days and portrait sessions, to recent features and our adventures around the world. 

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Can We Submit My Wedding?

Nov 3, 2017

Brides (and grooms!) put an endless amount of time, effort, and love into their big day, so it’s no wonder that they want to show off that hard work on one of the many different wedding blogs out there! With thousands of weddings happening each weekend, the number of submissions is increasing as well… which, in turn, limits the number of weddings that can be accepted as features. If having your wedding featured is important to you, I’m sharing five tips below to keep in mind when planning that will certainly help your chances! 

1. Keep in mind… aesthetics.
Each and every wedding blog has a particular niche. Southern Weddings focuses on, well, just that — Southern-inspired weddings. Style Me Pretty tends to go for glitz and glam, while Green Wedding Shoes is a bit more boho-chic. We will want to find a blog that is the best fit for your wedding to ensure we maximize the possibility of acceptance.

2. Keep in mind… popularity
Style Me Pretty is the biggest wedding blog in the entire world. Yes, the entire. world. They receive thousands of beautiful submissions each and every week to sort through and only select the most detailed and unique weddings to showcase. That being said, while SMP is a fantastic blog and I’ve been honored to be featured there in the past, there are so many other great blogs out there as well! 

Every brides wants her beautiful wedding day featured in a blog or magazine! This DC photographer is sharing 5 tips to ensure you have the best chance possible!

3. Keep in mind… details.
If you have a goal of your wedding being published, it’s important to begin planning for this BEFORE the big day. You will want to curate a ton of beautiful, cohesive details throughout the entire wedding day that to inspire other brides. After all, that’s what wedding blogs are for — not to just “show off” a pretty wedding, but to provide ideas for future couples. Uniqueness is key; blogs won’t get hits continuously show off the same thing. 

4. Keep in mind… exclusivity.
Many blogs require your images to be exclusive to their site, so it’s always best to work directly with your photographer and have them submit the images for you to just one blog at a time. Editors definitely chat with one another and will turn down work if they find out it’s been submitted several places at once. Often, they actually only accept work from the photographer as they are the copyright holder of the images. You may want to mention this to other vendors as well so they don’t get too excited and try to submit on their own!

Every brides wants her beautiful wedding day featured in a blog or magazine! This DC photographer is sharing 5 tips to ensure you have the best chance possible!

5. Keep in mind… the story.
In addition to lovely images and great details, blogs and magazines are also looking to feature your story! Please be prepared to help your photographer answer any required questionnaires that may along with having your wedding submitted. They will also need a full list of vendors so everyone can receive proper credit for their hard work on your big day. 

All of this is to say… no one can guarantee a wedding submission will be accepted. You could literally do “everything” right; have great photography, unique details, a fantastic love story, and it still may just not be a good fit at the time for any number of reasons. I encourage you not to be upset if this is the case! YOU know you had an amazing wedding day and beautiful images to remember it by, which at the end of the day, is truly all that matters. 

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