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Welcome to my blog, where I share highlights of everything from my client's wedding days and portrait sessions, to recent features and our adventures around the world. 

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Followers ≠ Success

Jun 21, 2016

Earlier this year I was on a triple date with some of our dear friends. As we munched on chips and salsa, waiting for our delicious meals to arrive, the three of us girls were huddled around my phone, talking about the elusive Instagram “grid”. I’m totally aware that does not sound like a fun Friday night, but I promise it was only for a minute! See I had just switched back to square format format, I needed some advice on how it was progressing from some like-minded industry friends. As we scrolled, one of them turned to me and said, “wow, you book some really great clients for not having that many followers.” Ouch. I mean the first part, yes!!! I have amazing clients! But that second part still stings a bit typing it out. I should’ve prefaced this by saying this came out of the mouth of one of my kindest, sweetest friends who would never hurt a fly. She wasn’t being malicious in any way and I actually even knew it was meant as a compliment, but that still can be hard to hear.

I thought about this over the next few days and realized, after much agonizing, just how much of a compliment that truly was. Because while I may not have thousands of eyes on everything I put out, I am getting the right eyes on my work. As someone who doesn’t market themselves in the traditional sense of ads and magazines, this proved that my methods were not only working, but working well! My biggest source of business comes from referrals of past or current couples – by going above and beyond from the moment of their initial inquiry to the time their wedding images are delivered, I hope to make a lasting impression beyond just my product. There is truly no greater compliment you can receive than when a client loved working with you so much, that they want their friends to do the same and I am grateful for all my clients who have felt this way!

So for those of you reading this and don’t have followers in the thousands – heck even the hundreds! – but are finding your ideal client here is my advice: keep doing what you’re doing, simple as that.  As you continue to display your talents and show you are doing something you love, that speaks volumes against just numbers and your people will come.

Often times, we measure our success by the number of followers we have on social media; this Washington, DC wedding photographer shares a different thought.

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