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Welcome to my blog, where I share highlights of everything from my client's wedding days and portrait sessions, to recent features and our adventures around the world. 

Hi, I'm Alicia.

European Travel Diary | Prague & Salzburg

Sep 9, 2015

The first two stops on our trip could not have been more different — Prague had an old world charm with gothic architecture like I had never seen before; meanwhile, Salzburg was the quintessential bavarian city nestled in the Alps. Prague was loud, fun, and full of people; Salzburg had more of a quiet beauty. But one thing was certain — both were beautiful and full of stunning history at every turn. 

Prague was our first stop, so we were trying to work out that bit of jet leg and took things a bit slower. We woke up early to see the sun rise over famous Charles Bridge to find most people were just wrapping up their night! I stumbled upon the most delicious dessert in that wasn’t ever to be beat during the rest of our stops — it was these rolls of bread that was being slowly rolled over a wood fire. It remained super soft inside while the outside had a crisp texture covered in cinnamon sugar. In true European fashion, you could even get Nutella inside — I later found one shaped like a cone with nutella, ice cream, and whipped cream inside… you bet I got that too.  

International Photographer_0083 International Photographer_0082 International Photographer_0085 International Photographer_0070 International Photographer_0069 International Photographer_0067 International Photographer_0068 International Photographer_0066 International Photographer_0060 International Photographer_0062 International Photographer_0063 International Photographer_0064 International Photographer_0065 International Photographer_0072 International Photographer_0071 International Photographer_0074 International Photographer_0075 International Photographer_0077 International Photographer_0076 International Photographer_0078 International Photographer_0079 International Photographer_0080 International Photographer_0081 International Photographer_0084 International Photographer_0087 International Photographer_0088 International Photographer_0086 International Photographer_0090 International Photographer_0091

We then hopped on a train to head to Salzburg and arrived in a picture perfect spot; the city was beyond clean and everything looked as though you just stepped out a postcard. It’s a smaller city, so we were able to check it out in the better part of a day with a quick morning trip to Schloss Hellbrunn (where The Sound of Music was filmed!). 

International Photographer_0092 International Photographer_0093 International Photographer_0094 International Photographer_0098 International Photographer_0096 International Photographer_0097 International Photographer_0095 International Photographer_0099 International Photographer_0100 International Photographer_0104 International Photographer_0101 International Photographer_0105 International Photographer_0102 International Photographer_0103

Funny story — we kept seeing pictures of this crazy looking dessert as we walked around town called salzburger nockerl. It seemed like one of those “only in Salzburg” treats, so we figured why not. The menus warned it took 30 minutes to make, but the wait only made us more excited. We dug right in as soon as it arrived and gulped down the first bite, slowly looking up at one another before laughing — it was HORRIBLE! Apparently it is a sweet soufflé with a raspberry filling and the warm consistency was just not for us. We thought for sure by the looks of all the picture we had seen that it was some sort of pastry, but definitely not a soufflé. Well, it was worth it for the laugh? Here’s an iPhone pic of what we *thought* was going to be an epic dessert…

International Photographer_0123

The rest of our time was spent around Austria in Hallstatt, Five Fingers, and even a quick stop in Germany to visit both the Eagle’s Nest in Berchtesgaden and Lake Königsee. No matter where we went, it was like we never left that incredible postcard. Bavaria is one of the most beautiful and pure places on earth.  

International Photographer_0108 International Photographer_0109 International Photographer_0106 International Photographer_0107 International Photographer_0110 International Photographer_0111 International Photographer_0113 International Photographer_0114 International Photographer_0112 International Photographer_0115 International Photographer_0116 International Photographer_0117 International Photographer_0119 International Photographer_0120 International Photographer_0121

Fellow photographers Michael & Carina were in Germany and were kind enough to come over to Salzburg and spend one day with Rob and I to photograph our fourth anniversary! More of those coming soon, but I’ll just tease that it was just beyond amazing and I am SO excited to share them with you! 

Austria Anniversary Session



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