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Welcome to my blog, where I share highlights of everything from my client's wedding days and portrait sessions, to recent features and our adventures around the world. 

Hi, I'm Alicia.

How to Create a Cohesive Photo-Video Wedding Team

May 20, 2020

Rob and I just celebrated NINE years of marriage! Yes, you read that right – we were married almost a decade ago, before the dawn of Pinterest!, at Potomac Point Winery amongst our closest friends and family. We still cherish that day as one of the best of our lives and have our images hanging all over our home. Our wedding video, however… we’ve only watched that ONE time in nine years.

When we were planning our wedding, videography wasn’t an expense we actively set money aside for. As we got deeper into planning, I realized we had a bit of funds leftover that could go towards hiring a videographer. Instead of taking the time to properly research different styles and aesthetics like I did when hiring a photographer, I simply booked someone who was available on our date and within budget.

Today, as a Washington, DC wedding photographer, one of the first things I share with all of my clients after finalizing their booking is a list of vendor recommendations. While I’m excited to work with whomever they select, whether on the list or not, the one category I wish I could highlight more than any would be videographer. Creating a cohesive wedding team across the board is important. We all have the same end goal – to serve our couples well — but most of us spend very little of your actual day together. Your photographer and videographer, however, will be side by side from beginning to end.

It’s for this very reason that if you’re considering hiring a video team, I recommend that you seriously consider the input of your photographer. They will suggest options that have the same level of experience and shooting style, allowing both to easily work in tandem for seamless coverage. When you hire two like-minded vendors, they are more likely to be in sync with one another and have the same end-goal of providing you the best images and video possible. Because while photo and video teams are often going for similar shots, they also have very different needs and priorities throughout the day. For example, videographers need movement to keep their footage interesting, so when I’m directing our couple, I try to keep the bride and groom still as little as possible! Other basic considerations, such as taking turns while shooting, sharing locations during key moments (like the first kiss!), and avoiding each other’s cameras all come naturally when both teams are in sync. For our couples, this means not having to repeat things unnecessarily which can often take up more time and give you less photos.

Of course, a true professional can and will work around this; so well, in fact, that the client would never know the difference! But when you hire two vendors that genuinely want you to have BOTH the best photos and video possible, it can make a world of difference. Here we are working with just a few of our favorites!

Like photography, videography is an invaluable investment! This DC wedding photographer shares why it's important to hire like-minded vendors and create a cohesive team for these two important roles!


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