New Orleans | Travel

New Orleans has been on my travel “bucket list” for quite some time. It’s a list that seems never-ending and with being a Washington, DC wedding photographer, it’s often hard to get away for the weekend. I’m certainly not complaining as I love my job, but it’s just a fact of the seasons we tend to work the most! My husband, Rob, and I are avid travelers and try to live by the philosophy to visit *at least* one new place per year (until we are ready to have kids anyway!). 

When people think of New Orleans, their first thought typically goes straight to Mardi Gras — pictures of beads, beer, and drunks littering the streets. While that’s definitely one part of the city, there is so much more to it than that; it is quite unique in it’s ability to be two complete opposites at once… new and old; elegant and tawdry; welcoming and intimidating.  New Orleans is a beautiful southern city filled with 200 foot oak trees that canopy the sidewalks with their branches, roads full of old time street cars, and architecture with a heavy french influence. Their food is almost beyond words — the freshest seafood you can imagine in every variety possible. And, of course, the kindest southern charm from the locals.

Take a look through some of my favorite pictures from the trip and feel free to comment with any places we should add to our travel list!


 The above ground cemeteries are somewhat haunting yet stunning.




There were tiled street names at the corner of each side walk — found a Robert St!



Obligatory Cafe Du Monde Beignets — as good as the hype!
A few from our swamp tour… yes, that is a 6 foot gator on our boat! So cool!
 Bourbon Street by day and by night…



The oldest bar in USA — Lafitte’s Blacksmith Shop


Gah! Those beautiful doors!