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If you’ve been following my blog for some time, you know it’s rare that I don’t write about something wedding related, whether that’s a recent engagement or anniversary shoot, bridal tips in the form of “Bridal Business”, or a feature of one of my client’s gorgeous weddings. And all of that makes sense because being a Washington, DC wedding photographer means most people land here for my wedding or anniversary content! But every now and then, I like to share something a little bit more personal to connect with loyal readers and potential clients. I’ve said it before, but I think it really is so important to form a relationship with your clients. After all, on your wedding day, the one person you will have around more than anyone except your significant other is your photographer! So knowing they are someone you connect with and share values with should be an incredibly high priority. That and pictures you love because, well obviously. 

All of this to say that back in 2014 (crazy to think I’ve been blogging that long and then some!) I published an article about being an extroverted introvert. By nature, I am 100% an introvert, no question about it. I value my alone time and always need time to recharge about being in large groups. While there is nothing wrong with any of the things that come along with being an introvert, there are time in life when you need to extrovert (and vice versa, extroverts — there are times when I believe you would highly benefit from taking a page out of an introvert’s book!) whether that’s in your personal life to appease friends or family or your business to keep it operating. I often find myself needing to extrovert all day on a client’s wedding day to be my best self. Here’s the thing: when you DO connect with someone, it doesn’t seem like work to step out of your comfort zone. Again, this is why it’s so important to form that relationship! Sure, do I feel drained on Sunday and not talk at all again until Monday? Absolutely! But it’s so worth it to be doing this job that I love. If you’re not familiar

If you’re not familiar with the article I’m referencing, it was actually just featured over on Thought Catalog! I’d love for you to head over there and give it a read, I’m sure you could pick up a tip or two! 

This article on being an extroverted introvert written by Washington, DC anniversary photographer, Alicia Lacey, was featured on the blog Thought Catalog.

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