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It goes without saying that no two couples are the same and each has different priorities for their wedding day. Over the years as a Washington, DC wedding photographer, I’ve worked carefully to curate my Collections to reflect, on average, what is needed by most brides and grooms. Yes, some need more, some need less, which is why I have tiers and items a la carte. I’m also always happy to work with a couple to build something unique if that’s better suited for what they are looking for. But one fact remains and that is that I never offer anything less than full coverage of a wedding day, which, for me, means getting ready, portraits, ceremony, and at least some of the reception. Please know, this is just what I’ve found works best for my business… and here are a few reasons why! 

1. I want to build relationships with my couples.
I admit this is a generalization, but generally, it seems most couples who are looking for partial coverage are just looking for someone to show up and take photos of their wedding…. which is TOTALLY normal! That’s what a wedding photographer is for, after all. But I’ve found, again for my business, what works best is building relationships with my clients. I get to know them so much more than as just a bride and groom. I hear about their jobs, families, pets, and follow their lives. It helps them get comfortable in front of my camera and feels like a friend is showing up to photograph their wedding instead of just another vendor. 

Why one Washington, DC wedding photographer only offers full day coverage to her inquiring brides and grooms.

2. I want clients who value photography.
I LOVE what I do. Not many people get to say that about their job, but I certainly do. Part of what I love about my clients is that they also love and value photography which truly makes it an honor to serve them on the biggest day of their lives. Additionally, it not only makes a wedding day more fun knowing that a couple is looking forward to having their portraits taken, but it also makes the photos themselves that much better by having a couple that is enjoying themselves in front of the camera. 

Why one Washington, DC wedding photographer only offers full day coverage to her inquiring brides and grooms.

3. I want to tell the full story of your wedding day.
I truly believe that a wedding day is a story, one that you will look back on with your future children and grandchildren and share the memories that were formed that day. If you only have a few photographs of your ceremony and family, that leaves out part of the story. It forgets about the laughter in your bridal suite, the tears as you saw your husband-to-be for the first time, and the dancing that ensued once the party got started! 

Why one Washington, DC wedding photographer only offers full day coverage to her inquiring brides and grooms.

There is truly no right or wrong answer to this question; each photographer has their reasoning for why they offer what they offer and will attract like-minded clients which is the beauty of this incredible industry. There are so many different photography styles, offerings, etc — because each couple can find what works best for them and THAT will be the best fit for their wedding day. You only get to do this once and it should be exactly as you envision. I’ve said it once, but I’ll say it again. I’ve been SO incredibly blessed with the best possible clients and I am so honored to serve each and every one of them on their wedding day. 

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