Magnolia Rouge: Charleston, SC Anniversary | Featured

Being featured on a wedding or lifestyle blog is huge accomplishment, not just for the photographer, but for the entire team behind the shoot. So often because the photographer is the one who own the imagery, they tend to get the majority of the credit. Which, yes, without their images there would be no feature! But the opposite can also be said — without all of the other vendors who poured their talents and time into each shoot, there would be nothing to photograph.

That all  being said, it’s not just the “pretty” we are putting out there to share with the world. It’s also the story behind the images. We want to share the “why” as well – WHY is this shoot happening in the first place? In the case of Ken and Phyllis’ 57th anniversary shoot, photographed at RiverOaks in Charleston, SC, I believe it was to inspire other couples from every generation. To show them that, yes, in this day and age, it is possible to have a lasting marriage. Sure, you may have to work harder to create an equal partnership with one another, but the results of genuinely sharing your entire adult lives together makes it so worth it. These two are living proof of that – just look at the way Phyllis’ hand slips so naturally into Ken’s. 

I am so grateful to Kate over at Magnolia Rouge for sharing this story with her incredible audience. I loved reading each and every comment on the Instagram post from viewers who were as excited about this amazing couple’s story as I was. If you haven’t already, please check out the full post here!

Magnolia Rouge featured images by this DC anniversary photographer of a couple who is celebrating 57 years of marriage at RiverOaks in historic Charleston, SC.

And of course, features like these are not possible without an awesome team! Thank you to each and every person who contributed to this shoot: 
Photographer | Alicia Lacey Photography
Workshop Host | Belle Lumiere
Venue | RiverOaks
Hair & Makeup | Mikel Rumsey